Friday, January 23, 2009

Free Shipping!

Thanks to everyone who entered my first blog contest! It was so much fun reading all the entries. The winner was AK and her favorite was Undercover in Holiday Plaid.

This bomber is something new I've been working on. I love the idea behind a traditional bomber but they're always way to big for me to wear! The earflaps go all the way past my shoulders and it just looks like something furry is eating my head. But my new design takes care of all those problems! I used a bright colored plaid and a white faux fur to make it girly, and the shape still does all the work of a traditional bomber by keeping the cold out. I wore this one ice skating yesterday and it was so great! The only real problems I had with the design were the silver snaps; I bought a pack of 10 to make 2 bombers, and ended up with only 1 snap left! Those first few got destroyed when I was hammering them in, there was a lot of swearing going on, but eventually I got the hang of it! Now I just need to find a use for the single snap that's left...

I plan to have another blog contest again around the end of February. Until then, enjoy free shipping for my favorite holiday! Valentine's Day is a time to share the love!